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Multimedia forensics

Enforcing trust in multimedia

When digital images, videos and audio tracks are considered as possible evidences, it is necessary to verify, analyse and enhance such contents, in order to make their use effective during investigations and admissible in court.


Technical training for management, improvement and analysis of digital evidence
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Expert witnesses and technical consultancy services on multimedia content
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Innovative solutions for the investigation of multimedia content
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Multimedia Forensics

Expertise and experience

FORLAB, the Multimedia Forensics Laboratory at PIN s.c.r.l. Educational and Scientific Services for the University of Florence, offers the expertise of its team that studies, develops and exploits technologies and innovative solutions for the analysis and processing of multimedia data for forensic purposes.

Multimedia Forensics

Technical consultancy and appraisals

Through technical-scientific consulting, FORLAB assists Magistrates, Prosecutors, Lawyers, Law Enforcement, Citizens and Industries, to support the prosecution or defence in criminal and civil investigations, and to provide technical assistance and training in the handling, analysis and processing of possible digital evidence.

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