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Chain of custody for handling digital evidences properly

Basic course on how to establish a correct chain of custody to assure the integrity of digital evidences

Target audience:

Lawyers, Magistrates, Judges, Forensic Experts, Law Enforcement.


3 hours.

In order to present a multimedia content (digital image, video sequence, audio track) as a possible evidence in court, its correct chain of custody must be assured, that is, the process for the identification, collection, acquisition, preservation of a digital evidence. Since digital data are vulnerable, it is mandatory to follow an appropriate methodology to ensure their integrity.

Detailed topics:

  • The digital data and its vulnerability: integrity versus authenticity
  • Chain of custody for digital evidences according to International Standards (ISO/IEC 27037, ISO/IEC 27041, ISO/IEC 27042, SWGIT/SWGDE Guidelines)
  • Operating procedures for preserving integrity of multimedia contents
  • Practical session: hash computing and verification, testing on digital data vulnerability

Piazza Ciardi 25
59100 – Prato (PO)

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