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Fundamentals of digital image and video processing

Specialist course to acquire skills on formation and processing of digital images and videos

Target audience:

Forensic Experts, Law Enforcement without previous knowledge on digital visual contents.


12 hours.

Digital images and videos are increasingly being considered as possible evidences during investigations and in trials. A basic knowledge on how handle these data and process them allows to better exploit the information extracted from these visual content. The proposed course trains on the principal techniques for digital image and video processing. Lectures will alternate with practical sessions, in order to provide expertize on both the operating principles of the methods and the practical application of the corresponding algorithms.

Detailed topics:

    • What is a digital image
      • Formation process
      • Representation
      • Coding formats
    • Processing and filtering in satial domain
      • Point operations
      • Histogram processing
      • Spatial operations
    • Processing and filtering in frequency domain
      • Fourier transform
      • Filtering in frequency domain
    • Coding standards: JPEG, MPEG, H.264

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