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Technologies for digital image/video acquisition and enhancement

Advanced course for increasing the expertise on multimedia content acquisition and enhancement technologies

Target audience:

Forensic Experts, Law Enforcement with a basic knowledge on technologies for the visualization and analysis of multimedia contents.


16 hours.

Digital images and videos are increasingly being considered as possible evidences during investigations and in trials. However, the correct acquisition and interpretation of such data often requires specific skills. Today, there are numerous techniques for the processing of digital images and video, aimed at improving their intelligibility and extracting important semantic information. The proposed course is an in-depth training on digital image and video acquisition techniques, methods for their enhancement, and techniques for the estimation of the physical characteristics of the objects represented in the visual data. Lectures will alternate with practical sessions, in order to provide expertize on both the operating principles of the methods and the practical application of the corresponding commercial tools.

Detailed topics:

    • The digital data and its vulnerability: integrity versus authenticity
    • Chain of custody for digital evidences according to International Standards (ISO/IEC 27037, ISO/IEC 27041, ISO/IEC 27042, SWGIT/SWGDE Guidelines)
    • Operating procedures for preserving integrity of multimedia contents
    • Digital image/video acquisition: acquisition from files, video-surveillance archives, internet
    • Signal enhancement: de-interlacing, noise reduction, level adjustment, blur correction, stabilization, perspective correction
    • Integration and super-resolution techniques
    • Extraction of measures and information from digital image/video (metrology, color deconvolution, color matching)
    • Practical Training
      • hash computing and verification
      • enhancement and analysis of digital contents (Amped FIVE)

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